Terms and Conditions


@CovidAsha(“we”, “us” or “our”) is a pro bono group, created on Telegram, Whatsapp, Messenger to provide a platform to its users to put up aggregated/cumulated information and to raise request/s in distress of Covid-19 pandemic. The information provided by the chatbot , @CovidAshaBot on Whatsapp, Messenger,@CovidAsha on Telegram and CovidAsha at covidasha.org, primarily is user generated and for general information purposes only. The group is created/provided in good faith and without any consideration. We possibly cannot/do not make any representation or warranty of any kind, express or implied, regarding the accuracy, adequacy, validity, reliability, availability, or completeness of any information provided to any user.

Under no circumstance shall we have any liability to any user for damage of any kind incurred through the use of or upon reliance on any information provided by or through us. Your use of the information and your reliance on any information is solely at your own option/risk. 


External Links

The information shared by us may contain links to other websites, groups or content belonging to or originating from third parties or links to websites and features in banners or other advertising. Such external links are cumulated for easy facilitation/aggregation purpose and are provided on as is basis. Such links, if any are not investigated, monitored, or checked for accuracy, adequacy, validity, reliability, availability or completeness by us.



Each user is expected to follow all the applicable laws of the land and at no point shall be involved in any illegal act including but not limited to unlawful personification, misrepresentation etc. The users who are engaged in supply of any service or product are responsible to comply with the applicable law, rules, regulations it is subject to. Being an intermediary/chatbot, our soul role is to provide a common platform to all its users to share/exchange information for mutual advantage. At no point CovidAsha shall be responsible for any non-compliance or any other act or omission under any law on the part of its users. 

In case if the user wishes to report any grievance, the same can be lodged at support covidcrisismate@gmail.com